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Encourage a good new year with professional retail cleaning

Everyone knows that a career in retail is hard work. Shop assistants work long hours, most public holidays, and aren’t exactly top of the list for bonuses when Christmas time comes around. Managers have it just as hard. On top of ensuring that a shop stays on top of its targets, they have to keep an eye on new products coming in. And that’s without taking into account the high turnover of staff, which is often an entirely different job on its own… One job that often gets missed-out is keeping the shop clean and safe for the visiting public. It may feel like enough to run the broom over the floor once a day, but in reality, there are lots more things to keep track of – kitchens, back rooms and store-rooms all need to be maintained and kept under control. The problem is making more time for your assistants so that they can do these crucial things. For many businesses, it simply is impossible. Daisyclean know all about retail cleaning. Over the years we’ve cleaned everywhere from shops and warehouses to surgeries and workshops, and if there’s one thing we understand, it’s that the general public love a clean environment to shop in. Because the fact of the matter is that you really can smell and feel the difference! Good retail cleaning may be invisible to most, but that’s the way it should be. The last thing you want is for people to notice a bad smell and associate that with buying things from your business. With the new year now here, everyone’s thinking about things they’d...

The benefits of proper washroom hygiene

Washroom hygiene matters. We all know it does. Yet across the world, countless millions of WCs stay embarrassingly dirty day after day. The reason is simple, of course. For many people, the washroom has always been the place that gets looked after last. With the men’s toilets being something of a joke for as long as anyone can remember, washroom hygiene is often looked at as something less than of paramount importance. The big problem, of course, is that many businesses have a Unisex toilet rather than two separate WCs. Is this the case in your office? If so, the chances are that you need a company who can deliver professional washroom hygiene. Now let’s explore why. Washroom hygiene is now a firm expectation In our modern world, TV shows play every single day, telling us the importance of living healthily. It’s no surprise, then, that our interest in keeping things clean – not to mention health & safety – has exploded. The result is that the modern worker now expects hygiene everywhere in an office environment. Fail to show your employees that you care about their work-space and they’ll probably not thank you for it in the long-run! Increase staff satisfaction with washroom hygiene 2014 is a time of infinite choice. Fed-up with your job? All you need to do is Google a recruitment company to sort that out. It’s no secret that companies who experience high staff turn-over are often the firms who are very busy and successful but also unable to make some crucial changes. One change is ensuring that the work environment is what you...

How aggressive is too aggressive?

Daily office cleaning is one of the biggest parts of our business, and something that goes hand-in-hand with that is offering our advice. Over the years we’ve offered our professional cleaning words of wisdom to everyone from small businesses to large firms with lots of manpower but very little time. And one of the things we get asked a lot is How much work should be put into cleaning surfaces, floors and curtains? The answer depends, of course, on a few different things… Keep things easy with daily office cleaning One of the reasons why dirt and grime gets so ingrained is very simple: it builds up over time. You may think you can spot it as it collects, but the truth is that we all spend a lot of time in our work-zones focussing on important tasks. That means we don’t always notice the small things, like what needs to be kept clean and hygienic. A good rule of thumb our professional cleaners like to follow is know your material. While you can use a lot of aggressive cleaning products on marble and granite, those curtains might not be as grateful. One of the most difficult things to know is which spray or cleaning liquid to buy. This is made even more tricky when so many bottles say General Use on them. How do you know what’s general and what’s not? Testing a small area first is always good Even if you’ve done your research and discovered that you need to clean those expensive curtains with a special liquid you can only buy from certain companies, it may...



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