Our policies

1. Sustainable development

The company has the responsibility to act and control the environmental issues in respect of the community. The company is committed to protect and enhance the local and global environment by: minimizing energy use and its associated CO2 emissions, maximizing the use of renewable energy sources, where possible, complying with all environmental Legislation and Regulation, reducing the generation of waste and increasing the re-use of recycled materials and products.

2. Quality assurance policy

The company has established and implemented a Quality management system for measuring and improving the company performance which complied in general accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2000.

Our main objectives are:

  • Client requirements are identified and met with the aim of enhancing customer satisfaction
  • All requirements regarding the service provided by the company are met
  • The quality policy is communicated and understood at all levels of the organization
  • Appropriate quality objectives are set by Management and performance reviewed
  • The effectiveness of quality management is continually reviewed and improved
3. Health and safety policy

The health and safety culture that exists throughout the company shall be enhanced through the investment in all employees, in the form of professional as well as health and safety training, together with the provision of suitable and sufficient health standards and equipment. The company believes strongly in its moral, financial and legal obligations to provide a safe place of work, working methods, together with adequate welfare facilities so far as is reasonably practicable, and shall strive to enhance current standards under the spirit of continual improvement.

4. Equal opportunities for everybody

Company goal is to develop, promote and deliver employment and training opportunities without discriminating on the basis of a person’s race, disability, age, gender, religion or belief, sexual orientation or any aspect of an individual’s background or heritage which is used as justification for unfair treatment. The organization will be a better, more creative and innovative place to work as a result of managing people in a way that gets the best from their diversity, values their different perspectives and individual backgrounds.