Environmental policy statement

Daisyclean believes in the principle of “sustainable development” and that the Company has a responsibility to action and control environmental issues in respect of four interested sections of the community:

  • Clients
  • Employees
  • Business Partners
  • The Community

Awareness of the environment and control of the issues, as with Health and Safety and Quality, are key elements of professional management and essential to business success. In all activities the company will operate in accordance with professional Codes of Practice and to the standards required by Law and Regulation.

Our Policy is a commitment to protecting and enhancing the local and global environments. We work hard to:

  • minimize energy use and its associated CO2 emissions
  • maximize the use of renewable energy sources, where possible
  • comply with all environmental Legislation and Regulations
  • minimize the generation of waste and polluting emissions or effluents to air, land or water
  • maximize the re-use of recycled materials and products
  • maximize the recycling of materials and products
  • provide adequate environmental training for all staff
  • minimize the use of polluting forms of transport
  • assess the environmental performance of all suppliers
  • assess the environmental impacts of all working practices
  • develop a set of environmental targets and action plans and review this Environmental Policy periodically

Commitment: It is our company’s intention to achieve providing of the highest cleaning standards within Green and Friendly Environment.