Health and safety policy

Daisyclean believes that one of the most important functions of the Management is the prevention of accidents and illnesses due to work activities.

Our company does not wish that any of its employees or any other person suffers because of work activities. As a result Our Company intends to comply rigorously with all health and safety legislation (Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974), codes of practice and best guidance and work methods available.

Daisyclean believes strongly in the promotion of health and safety throughout the company. It is for this reason that health and safety within the company shall be promoted as equal to that of any other management function. Health and safety management within the company shall be led by the Managing Director, with the aid of the company-appointed Health and Safety Consultant, who shall act as the company’s ‘Competent person’ for health and safety. Company Managers, Engineers and Foremen will actively pursue the agreed health and safety standards as set out in the health and safety policy and manual, ensuring that health and safety standards are maintained and improved when required. The health and safety culture that exists throughout the company shall be enhanced through the investment in all employees, in the form of professional as well as health and safety training, together with the provision of suitable and sufficient health standards and equipment.

The Company shall at all times ensure that suitable resources in the form of health and safety training, equipment and supervision shall be made available at all times. Safe working practices together with overall health and safety standards shall be derived from the process of risk assessment, with the findings of these risk assessments being brought to the attention of all employees and those who may be affected by the company’s undertakings. To aid in the culture of collective responsibility, the Managing Director shall ensure that adequate consultation is maintained with all employees at all levels within the company.

The company will strive at all times to maintain the high standards of health and safety, which is reflected in the high standard, quality and on-time delivery of its workmanship and services to Clients. In pursuance of the agreed standards as set out in the Company Health and Safety Policy and manuals, adequate measures will be implemented to ensure the safety of members of the public at all company sites.

Finally, the company believes strongly in its moral, financial and legal obligations to provide a safe place of work, working methods, together with adequate welfare facilities so far as is reasonably practicable, and shall strive to enhance current standards under the spirit of continual improvement.