Carpet cleaning is a relatively simple industry to start up in with low costs involved as opposed to other businesses. The rewards can be great from the outset and the potential need for the services is widespread as well, in all parts of the country.

Equally, the ease at which the carpet cleaning industry is to get into can be a negative point too. The market can be saturated by those who see it as an easy route to success. As a result, the quality of the industry is somewhat lowered by those who neither have the right knowledge or determination to succeed.

Prices can vary due to the newcomer’s lack of understanding and the whole market can feel an amount of pressure. It can be a lot more difficult to not only achieve success but to sustain any semblance of a business. New cleaners will then go out of business, only to be replaced by more prospects.

The fact is that not enough care and time is taken into preparing for a business. Like any business, there has to be a plan of action and of all financial aspects to be covered fully. If not, then the carpet cleaner will be running the risk of failure before they even begin.

To stop this trend, it is always good to have a passion for what you’re doing and not throw yourself into something just because you think it might be a money spinner.

Have a sound financial sense of what you’re doing and include every hidden cost, even adding an extra amount to the total just in case. It is similar to renovating a property. The costs will always be higher than you assume, so expect the unexpected.

Remember that profit means what you make once all your expenses (including travel costs) are taken on board. The ideal solution for all newcomers is to eventually hire workers to do the labour, rather than yourself.

It is crucial to research into equipment and how much you will need to use per week, how many clients you will look to clean for and the amount of square feet you should look to cover.

Don’t undersell yourself just because you’re new or want to get ahead of the competition. You need to make profits and by charging too little, this will be undermined.

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