How regular floor and upholstery maintenance could save you money?

Research figures show that almost 80% of all office premises in the UK are carpeted and furnished with fabric upholstery. After some time more than 90% will end up as a waste in the field and only less than 1% will be recycled. Every year around 583 000 tones of flooring are dumped, 71% of which carpet.

These are shocking numbers and we all should think twice about the impact on the environment and public health when considering installing new carpet flooring or simply updating the look of our office or home. Carpets are one of the most expensive purchases for both businesses and homeowners and extending or restoring their life with regular cleaning and maintenance is worthwhile as it could reduce considerably in time the operational cost and cost of living. The technology for cleaning, protecting, maintaining and restoring floors has gone a long way and improved dramatically. Very often floors that were previously considered beyond repair now could be revamped and brought back to a very good standard of appearance and hygiene.

Programs for professional carpet and upholstery care should be in place immediately after the new carpeting or floors are installed or when move to new premises completed, which will allow considerable savings to be made in medium and long term.

Traditionally carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning have been offered as separate services, not as a part of daily office cleaning schedule or domestic cleaning services but rather done from specialist cleaning contractor occasionally and in most cases proven to be very costly and not that effective which leads massive quantities of flooring to end up on the field. To gain from newly laid or existing floors and upholstery a system for regular carpet and upholstery cleaning must be integrated as soon as possible.

Daisyclean Ltd. a London cleaning contractor has recognized the need to integrate carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning into its daily office cleaning programs as this drives the operational cost and benefits both the clients and the cleaning contractor.

We have developed a carpet and upholstery care program and we have been offering customised versions to our clients according to their requirements for a few years now. There was a great response from our clients and many of them saw the potential savings they could make with having regular carpet and upholstery maintenance system integrated into daily cleaning services.

Our regular carpet and upholstery care program consists of three very important care systems which can be easily mixed and customised in order to get the best results at low cost.

  • Preventive care system
  • Corrective care system
  • Restoration care system

We believe that Preventive care for all types of floors is essential and this is the key to prolonging the life of any flooring (carpet, vinyl, laminate, wood etc.) and upholstery. That’s why we have been using a system of cleaning and protecting methods to control and reduce the soiling of the newly laid and existing floors and upholstery.

Entrance Matting systems which capture most of the soil and debris from the foot ware are highly effective cost efficient method for preventing internal flooring from soiling and premature wearing. Front matting captures from 60 to 80 per cent of all dirt and debris, extends the longevity of all interior floors, reduces the maintenance cost, helps improve the air quality as less dust is created and keeps walkways clean and safe.

Regular vacuuming of all carpeted floors and upholstery on daily basis is as important as the regular deep carpet cleaning as it helps to take up the dirt and fresh debris which have been brought in. Also prevents the soil from settling into carpet fibres, picking up the soil while still on the carpet surface. We recommend using only professional vacuum cleaners for heavy duty use, which are easy to use with low maintenance cost, reliable and provide premium cleaning performance.

Preventive treatment with Scotch Guard and other products to seal the floor surfaces and restrict the penetration of soil and dirt deep into carpet fibres and other floor surfaces.
However if we have premises with fairly old and tired flooring we still will be able to develop programs for regular care to ensure that the carpet or other flooring and upholstery are brought back to their former glory, using a system of methods for deep carpet and floor cleaning or restoration. Depends on the floor condition and client’s objectives and budget we would recommend the most efficient floor care method.

Daisyclean believes that wet extraction technology is the best method for deep carpet cleaning and if combined with advanced professional equipment and cleaning detergents it is a low cost and time saving option which will help meet the high standards of floor care cleanliness required without compromising on quality. Regularity of deep carpet cleaning, floor cleaning or upholstery cleaning depends on frequency of use, but even in heavily used office premises if adequate carpet and upholstery cleaning programs are in place the businesses could make substantial cost savings by prolonging the lives of their floors and furnishing.

Contact us for further information about carpet cleaning and how you could save by starting a regular floor care program.