To first answer the question, or get better idea of which direction to choose, you must first consider the differences between the two. Carpet cleaning entails the use of chemicals and hot pressure in soiled areas that are usually finalised by one or two thorough cleans.

A restoration of a carpet is more of a specialised project and requires a detailed assessment prior to work. The method of cleaning may differ from other alternate systems and the length of time can also vary from job to job. Essentially the restoration of the carpet is a well rehearsed maintenance job.

If you are still unsure of which option to take, then there are some other tips and clues that may help you decide.

If there is a large amount of damage to the carpet that is not as a result of regular dirt or soil, then restoration is usually the best idea. A professional can be called in to inspect this if you are not entirely sure. The inspection can also examine further conditions of the carpet and whether it needs restoring.

Fibre damage that has occurred with no clear relation to dirt and soil is another pointer to restoration. So pulled, frayed, split or torn fibres are included in this equation. If the carpet does not need restoring, then carpet cleaning would naturally suffice.

Vacuum clean often too, so you can try and qualify the need for restoration yourself. It will also help to maintain the upkeep of your carpet and reduce the amount of dust and particles embedded. To use cleaning sprays and solutions yourself can also improve the effectiveness of the early stages of carpet cleaning and help combat any bad smells associated with the carpet.

Hot water under high pressure is the key to obtaining a great carpet clean. By using the industry standard carpet cleaner, you will be giving your carpets the best way of being transformed, as well as improving the hygiene in the property.

To use the cleaner in ‘traffic lanes’ or areas of frequent walkthrough is a great idea, as these are the zones most likely to have contaminants locked in the fibre of the carpets.

Carpet cleaning can be a good part of restoration itself, but not the crux of the job. Restoration involves more intricate work and can take a lot longer. Cleaning is essentially removing particles from the carpet and ensuring that they look great once more.

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