Several useful advices, which will result in a cleaner home.

House cleaning is one of the most annoying things one has to do. It takes time, and nerves, and effort and can even be an expensive activity – just consider how costly can it be to buy each of the cleaning agents and detergents that you probably keep under your kitchen sink in one purchase. And when it comes to cleaning the carpets you may wish that you have not put them in the first place. However, in this article we will give you useful tips for how to clean your rugs and carpets. Furthermore, you will be informed whether to call the professional carpet cleaners.

Our tips are, as follows:
  • Do not use cleaning disinfecting cleaning detergents on your carpet. Do not use carpet shampoos on natural matters. They are designed to remove stains from synthetic surfaces only and will harm your woolen carpet .
  • Use cotton rags or old cloths to absorb liquids, which have been spilled on your carpet. Remember not to rub, because you can damage its colours.
  • Vacuum both sides of the carpet. This will increase your effort but it will also increase the effect of your cleaning.

It is good to fully wash your carpets at least twice a year. In the areas where there are four seasons the best time to do it usually is considered to be in spring and autumn. In spring you prepare them for the summer and wash them after the winter and in autumn you make them clean for the winter when there are low chances for you to take them out for a wash. However, calling the professional agencies you can have them cleaned in no time during each season. To fully wash a carpet can take between 15 and 25 minutes, depending on its size and the amount of dirt it has gathered over the time. This means that the professional carpet cleaners can have all your carpets washed in less than several hours – it is a lot faster than you yourself could ever achieve it. They use very low moisture equipment and advanced techniques, such as the dry cleaning, using which they are able of dealing with even the most stubborn stains. Furthermore, with them they can extract even the tiniest bits of dust that otherwise remain stuck inside the carpet.

In addition to this they use various other techniques as well. Among them are the hot water extraction and the steam cleaning (steam cleaners are available on the market for domestic users as well, however, those, used by the professionals are much more powerful).

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