Residential cleaning jobs can include heavily soiled trace marks where furniture has since been moved or replaced. These marks can be very awkward to combat, especially when they have been engrained for many years in the building. Your reputation as a carpet cleaner can rest on these types of marks being dealt with effectively. So what is the best way to counter these types of trace marks?

With years of footsteps and heavy furniture travelling through the busiest areas of the building, the carpet’s trace marks may not be up to the scrutiny of even the hardest methods of cleaning. Therefore, the communication between you and the client needs to be embedded and strong. They need to know the truth of the matter and that sometimes the condition of the carpet against the trace marks may not be reversible. If they are then aware of this, you will not have to put up with the stress of worrying about their reaction, if you are unable to clear the trace marks.

It is a good idea to communicate how to prevent further marks from appearing to the client. They will appreciate your advice. Resilient and large mats need to be placed in all doorways and these need to be regularly cleaned, otherwise their use becomes obsolete.

To try and help reduce the trace marks, a thorough vacuuming is necessary. You will need to aim for deep soil removal from multiple angles to remove the stubborn trace marks. Choose a pre-spray that is best suited to the type of carpet and stain. This needn’t be the strongest or most caustic type of pre-spray. The trace marks will respond best to the correctly chosen pre-spray. Be sure to have an increased concentration of pre-spray when applying to the carpet. Because of the nature of the trace marks, this is an important process and the concentration should be carefully considered.

It may be of use to agitate the fibres of the carpet. This can include brushing and help to lift some of the deeper soiled areas. As a result, they will be easier to lift with the vacuum after agitation is completed. This should be carried out especially on the denser varieties of carpet.

If necessary, use increased water flow and pressure to the affected areas. Deep seated trace marks may also need emulsifiers and/or wick sprays to lift the soiled parts. By following these methods, you will be giving yourself a great chance of success.

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