Buying a new carpet can be an exciting and rewarding experience. You have chosen the colour, the design and have spent a considerable amount of time and energy in not only choosing a carpet, but also in having it fitted. This investment is worth it, however. A new carpet can transform a room, or, indeed, a property.

Once your carpet is fitted – and before you bring all your furniture and personal stuff back into the room – it is a very prudent idea to give your new carpet a proper first clean. This could be by using the services of a professional carpet cleaning company, or you can hire a machine and,if confident enough,do it yourself. You should research both options if you decide on this way. There are many cleaning companies on the internet and in directories who specialise in this department, but make sure to get the right one for the right price. Or if you don’t have enough budgets for deep carpet cleaning, at the very least, you should give your carpet a thorough vacuum clean.

The reason for this is because when a carpet is produced and packed by the manufacturer, a lot of production dust and debris are accumulated and stuck deep into the carpet fibers.  These are usually invisible to the naked eye, but can stick to skin and become irritants, or breathed in and cause problems, especially to asthmatics. Another distinctive con of a newly fitted carpet sometimes, is the sharp smell, especially from synthetic carpets, which needs to be neutralised. That’s why a deeper carpet cleaning is strongly advised to anyone buying a new carpet.

Sometimes, the carpet layer will leave behind a certain amount of debris as well, which will need to be cleaned up. This, alongside the dust build up from the manufacturer can create quite a problem if not addressed immediately. The majority of people may place their furniture over the carpet straight away in an excited rush and not think about the cleanliness of the carpet itself, but this in itself would be an oversight. The dust would not disappear and instead can still cause problems whether they are lying under tables and chairs or not.

The advice to deep clean your new carpet remains a strong and positive message and hopefully will mean that you can enjoy your purchase even more, and suffer no detrimental effects as a result from it.

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