It is perhaps a little known fact that there is a range of different ways to clean your carpet. Both carpets for your home or for commercial properties are made from a variety of materials and so it only seems reasonable that there should be alternative methods to restore and clean them.

Therefore it would be a good idea to research a little on these different methods, so as to help maintain the condition and protect the fibres of the specific carpet. Here follows a sample of some methods for carpet cleaning which will hopefully help you decide which is best for you.

The steam cleaning technique is probably the most common of all the forms of carpet cleaning practises and is most often used by the professionals. It is a reliable and thorough way to give a carpet the deeper clean. It cleans and removes unwanted odours at the same time and so is a well like method. The high-powered streams of hot water wash away the bacteria once the cleaning solution has done its job of defeating the germs. Another bonus to this is that there are no toxic liquids or chemicals left on the fibres, as the steam vacuum has since eliminated these. This makes this particular technique a favourite among most in the trade.

Other forms of deep carpet cleaning are shampooing of the carpet, which is essentially a very traditional style of applying solution direct to the affected areas and is left to soak up the dirt. A machine will then vacuum the residue left to leave the cleaned carpet underneath. This method can run the risk of damage to the carpet and is not as effective at lifting potentially harmful residues as the steam cleaning process. There is also Bonnet cleaning, which can be a popular choice. It involves a spinning machine that has fiber bonnets or buffers that absorb cleaning solution which has been placed on the dirt.

Dry cleaning is another way of cleaning the carpet and involves applying a dry powder and vacuuming up after a period of time. This method again, is not as dependable or effective as the steam cleaning method and is more popular among homeowners rather than industry professionals.

As you can see, there are numerous ways of deep carpet cleaning and some have been highlighted here. Most common are the steam cleaners and these will normally be the ones most likely to be rented out, but as stated to begin with, it is always a good idea to work out what would suit your specific carpet first before choosing what method to go for.