Carpet cleaning is often the thing at the office that gets ignored – and with the wash-room and office rooms to worry about, it’s not hard to understand why. When you consider the sheer number of tasks that employees have to manage on a daily basis, it’s hardly surprising that the carpet gets so much abuse.

Which brings us to another question: why call in professionals to clean the carpet when you can do it all yourself?

Professional carpet cleaning is a long-term solution

The answer to that question is simple. For one thing, professional carpet cleaning goes deep. While  more or less anyone can learn how to clean a carpet well, the best results are always had by combining experience with the best technology out there. That’s something we at Daisyclean make a habit of doing, and take very seriously. All our employees have experience with cleaning a range of different carpets and using the machines that are revolutionising this industry. This is important, because every carpet is different and requires a slightly different level of service. Knowing when to stop is important, because you don’t want to waste time. Equally, stop too soon and you won’t get that deep-clean-feel that’s so appreciated.

Carpet cleaning at economical prices

Value for money is also another big reason why people use our services, of course. It makes much more sense to hire us for a few hours than to purchase expensive equipment that you’re not sure how to handle.

So, we’ve mentioned that with professional carpet cleaning, the carpet looks great. But what about the feel? The beauty of top-quality cleaning is easy to see: it feels great to walk on and it smells infinitely better. With all the stains gone, employees are much happier and have a spring in their step. There are other things, too. Such as the fact that visiting clients and potential new business partners will get a great feeling from walking on fresh carpet. By giving your employees a better working environment that they can be proud of, and giving off a great first impression to anyone who walks through the door, you’ll soon see why carpet