When considering cleaning your home, one of the main elements is vacuuming your carpets and floors. This will reduce the amount of dirt, germs and dust that dwell in the fibres of your carpet, mats and rugs and as a result, will ensure your floors not only look cleaner and fresher, but are also more hygienic for those who occupy the property.

When vacuuming, don’t just concentrate on the wide, open areas of floor, but devote as much effort on the corners and sides of the room, which may need you to change attachments for the vacuum.

Be thorough in the areas near the front door, such as welcoming mats and the surrounding carpet of that space. This is because a lot of times, dirt can be walked indoors before footwear is removed at this point.
Stains on your carpet happen to everybody and a lot of times it is how quickly you react, which determines whether that stain is going to be stubborn or not to remove.

Before applying any cleaning product, try and remove as much of the spillage as you can. Remember, some products, especially the stronger varieties, can damage certain carpets, and so try and do a small test before doing a proper clean. Greener carpet cleaners are good for this, as they have less harmful chemicals within and will be gentler on your carpets fibres.

Don’t scrub the stain too much, as this can smear the original stain over a larger portion of carpet and make it look even worse than it did to start with. Try dabbing the stain with kitchen towel, rather than rubbing it.

There are natural cleaners you could use such as baking soda or vinegar to remove some stains, and you may find this to be a faster alternative to purchasing chemical cleaning materials. Once applied and you are happy that the stain has been removed, dry the affected area with a towel and remove the excess moisture.

You can hire steam cleaners for your carpet, if the stain is marked and large enough to warrant it. This will give it a deeper, more thorough clean and this is something you could research online for your local rental shop.

There will be occasions, when your carpet becomes worn or damaged, due to everyday use, accidents, young children, fire etc. If it is a small patch, then you may just want to cover up the area by moving a piece of furniture over it to conceal the damage. You could buy a rug to eliminate the unsightly mark, or even remove the carpet completely and get a new one fitted. There are always options for this dilemma, and it may make you change something for the better and help you enjoy your home even more.