During an average working week every office is used for at least 40 hours. Undoubtedly during that time the carpet floors are exposed to enormous amount of wear and tear. Coffees and teas are being spilled accidentally, chairs are being rolled around, and lunch is being prepared in the kitchen, ink cartridges replaced… Have you thought how much damage all these daily office activities do to the carpet on your office floor? What about all the dirt entering your building through the main door? As soon as someone steps in, he brings with his shoes all the dirt and dust from the streets. If you want all that soil and dirt to end up on the carpet of your office floor, we recommend installing carpet mats.

Carpet mats can not only preserve the appearance of office carpeting but also prolong its life. Carpet mats are available in many styles and materials and can serve a variety of purposes outside as well as inside of offices and commercial establishments.

Entrance mats and rugs

The entrance of a site is where the judgement begins. By installing entrance mats you can demonstrate professionalism and forward thinking to protect against costs and overheads associated with damages and clean-up time. Entrance mats not only help reducing slips and falls but they also give guests a chance to get some of the dirt off their shoes before walking in any further on your carpet. Entrance mats can also provide very good opportunity to promote your business. If you go for a customized mat on which to print your company logo, you will both prevent your office carpet from the external dirt and enhance you marketing efforts.

The most common entrance mats are grooved, anti-slip plastic mats that drain away water. They are suitable for high traffic areas such as building entrances, in front of reception desks, elevators and staircases. There are even heated entrances mats which will melt the snow trapped on the soles of your shoes,

Chair mats

The office chair is virtually the most used piece of furniture in every office and consequently the one which can cause most damage to your office carpet. The casters of the office chairs make indentations in the carpet’s surface when people sit in and when chairs are rolled along the carpet and eventually the carpeting will get holes and will lead to the expense of buying a new carpet. To protect the carpet under office chairs we would definitely advise installing chair mats. Usually they are made of a vinyl / plastic material or pliable rubber but there are laminate and wood chair mats available as well. They not only protect the underlying carpet but also smooth the chair movements. Chair mats can also help protect computers and monitors by preventing the static build-up.

Printer mats

Another area where your office carpet might be at risk is the area where your printer sits. Since the printer is very used office equipment the ink needs changing on a regular basis. When changing ink cartridges it is not unusual for accidental ink spillages to occur. Ink stains are one of the most difficult carpet stains to tackle that is why we strongly recommend that you put vinyl or plastic mat underneath and around your printer.

Bathroom mats

The office lavatories are another place where it is definitely worth placing mats. Bathroom mats, including urinal mats and toilet mats and sink mats, keep the restroom facilities dry, clean and looking professional. They not eliminate the need to constantly check and mop restroom areas but also keep shoes dry and prevent from microbes and odour causing bacteria to be spread on your office carpet.

Kitchen mats

Office kitchens are another place which you should consider matting. Depending on the type of kitchen mats you will choose, they can keep your office food preparation areas safe and at the same time provide employees fatigue relief, comfort, and proper water drainage. Kitchen mats can keep your office carpet safe from crumbs and grease. We would also recommend investing in mats for your office water coolers and coffee machines to protect your office carpet from the day to day spillages.

Carpet mats in their varieties of styles, materials and functionality are one of the best methods to prevent office carpet and floors soiling. They are cost efficient to install and maintain, very mobile and easy to store, multifunctional, improving the health and safety and a real barrier for the dirt.