Restaurant and pub owners are always trying to attract new customers, whilst keeping their existing clientele. Part of achieving this is to always maintain high standards of cleanliness around the property. A clean carpet is vitally important for first impressions and long term popularity, in terms of showcasing a bar, pub or restaurant environment.

The premises can very easily highlight stains of all varieties, and the carpet is especially vulnerable in such establishments, due to the constant flow of customers from outside, and the risk of food or drinks spillages. This will raise the question of how to deal with the maintenance of your floor?

One way to keep your pub and restaurant carpets clean is to buy or hire a  professional carpet cleaning machine for deep cleaning your carpets and floors periodically . This will do a solid, dependable job, but depending on the levels of dirt or stains it might be more cost efficient if you require from your cleaning contractor to put in place  floor maintenance program  . It is common for restaurants to have floor maintenance program to deal with the state of the carpets and the rest of flooring.

These machines use heated water and steam that is injected deep into the fibre of the carpet which is then used to lift the dirt. It is recommended when hiring or buying carpet cleaning machine, to go for one with professional one which will do the job for you, as this will save effort and time, as well as making sure the job gets done correctly and in an effective manner.

Make a note to hire them on a more regular basis, as this will help to maintain your pub and restaurant carpets in the long term, and save from costly repairs. It will give you peace of mind that your pub and restaurant carpets are being kept to the very highest quality, which also gives your venue a cleaner, more welcoming feel. This helps towards gaining new clients and keeping familiar ones too.

Obviously, your carpets will need regular, daily vacuuming from a solid vacuum cleaner, to rid them of everyday dust and dirt. This needs to become a routine that is kept up, in order to fight the onset of dust and general grime. As a rule of thumb, always maintain your entrance mats, as they accumulate a lot of dirt and keep your skirting boards clean and scrubbed.

If you adhere to these methods, then you are sure to maintain healthy, clean looking carpets throughout.

But If you decide to use a professional daily cleaning contractor, or if you need advice, then give Daisyclean a ring for immediate and efficient cleaning and maintenance solutions.

Photo by savensail