Cleaning upholstery can be a tricky one – this can particularly be the case if you’re not entirely sure what you’re doing. There may be products out there which can get rid of the stains on sofas, chairs and furniture in a flash, but how do you know that you’re not just masking the smell and providing a short-term solution that will soon return to be a problem? Our upholstery cleaning service is designed to work alongside our comprehensive office cleaning solutions. What does this mean for you in 2014? It means that you can revitalise your furniture with a deep clean that’ll free it of the ghosts of office parties past.

Clean upholstery can have a surprising effect

Picture this scene: you’ve come to meet a potential new business partner at their HQ, you’ve just sat down, and you’ve found yourself seated on sticky furniture…worse, a strange aroma is emanating from it. This is bad enough, but when you get invited into the boss’s office, you discover a filthy carpet and notice that his chair has a large white mark on it! Ordinarily, you may have been able to let this go, but that sofa you sat on has worked its way into your brain and now there is no forgetting. These things concern you: clean upholstery is invisible and leaves a great impression. Dirty upholstery might point to something else – a lack of concern for business affairs, maybe? Either way, it’s never well received.

Economical upholstery maintenance

Going back to our first point, have you ever sat down and added-up how much cleaning materials actually cost? A much better solution is having the upholstery cleaned regularly, by professionals who can give you helpful advice as and when you need it. Daisyclean can organise cleaners to come in as and when it suits yourschedule, so that we don’t interfere with your services or take up space when it is needed. We clean all types of upholstery and offer various solutions for different materials, so be sure to get in touch if you have a query or question which isn’t answered on our website.