For the vast majority of the time, we all learned our cleaning routines from watching others as we were growing up. Our parents would be the most likely of people for us to copy, and the same went for them when they were young. This is how cleaning habits are passed down through the generations. This includes ways of cleaning and also the use of certain products too. In one way, this is safe and comfortable and a nostalgic way of doing things. On the other hand, it can be the case that bad cleaning habits have been engrained and prove very difficult to shift.

There are many cleaning myths, many of them simply passed down through families unbeknownst to the mistakes they are making. Most just waste time and aren’t necessary, but others could be actually doing the opposite of what you want and doing more damage. Therefore, here are a few of the myths spelled out:

It is better to let a professional carpet cleaner do the job than yourself. Lots of carpets are made worse by people trying to do a DIY carpet cleaning job by using washing up liquid, washing detergents or Vanish to remove stains but actually worsen them.

Not only do they apply too much chemicals, but they leave the carpet wet afterwards – leaving the fibres at risk of mould and germs, or rub the spot instead of dub it gently. Look for companies with a solid reputation to take on the task instead. Another option is to hire a proper steam carpet cleaner. These machines do all the hard work for you and you can be safe in the knowledge that your carpet will be healthier than ever once it’s done.

In terms of hard floors and worktops, there is a myth that bleach is the only answer to eliminating germs and other bacteria. The trick is to wipe clean the surfaces with a disinfectant first, before applying the bleach. Without the initial wipe down of dirt, the germs will continue to thrive, regardless of an application of bleach.

Regarding wood, there is a myth that applying wood polish is all that is needed to make it perfect. However, polish contains a great deal of chemicals that can react to the wood to make it lose some of its quality. There is a much quicker and cheaper way of making your wood look great and that’s with good old fashioned dusting.

Concerning grout, lots of us opt for strong, toxic solutions, because it is such a difficult thing to remove. A lot of the time, there are easier and cheaper answers, not to mention safer ones too! By making a mixture of baking soda and vinegar, you’ll find that grout is eliminated every bit as well as with the potent shop bought sprays. The trick is to research alternative methods for your cleaning and don’t always rely on embedded habits.