Bacteria are a menace to not only our bodies, but our homes also. They can congregate in many parts of your house and travel via air, sneezing, food, pets, human contact, shoes and even water. What makes bacteria so difficult to combat is that they are completely invisible to the naked eye, and as such, prove difficult to eradicate. They could be living with us in our homes for an unknown length of time, and not have any effect on our health, but there will always be occasions when problems arise due to the bacteria, and infections, some serious, can occur. To maximize your chances of escaping infection from bacteria in your home, you must clean regularly and be diligent with your cleaning.

1. Lots of us find it hard to clean regularly, to maintain a routine and in the frantic working lives of adults, we usually put cleaning down the list of priorities.However, it must be emphasised that daily cleaning reduces the levels of bacteria you will have in your home, which directly increases your chances of better health. Make sure your worktops and surfaces are regularly cleaned with disinfectant, as these are common areas for bacteria to gather.

2. The kitchen and bathroom are the major hot spots for bacteria and so concert your energies into these rooms in particular. There are lots of products on the market for fighting and killing bacteria, and will be up to you which you choose, although try using greener cleaning products as these are less harmful to yourself and the environment. Always use different cloths or sponges in these rooms, as this could cause bacteria to cross over, spread and create nasty infections or bugs that you do not want. It’s best to assign a cloth to each and change them when they get dirty.

3. Human contact has a huge role in creating bacteria, and so areas where you often sit or touch should be regularly cleaned. These include door handles, light switches, drawer and cupboard handles as well as many others. It doesn’t take long to give these a quick wipe every week to ensure good hygiene.

4. Alongside this, it is really helpful if people wash their hands regularly with soap or disinfectant, so as to prevent the spreading of germs around your home.

5. Use a good quality vacuum cleaner for your daily cleaning. With very good suction and useful cleaning tools to cover any corner or odd place in your home. Or at least buy high efficiency filter bags which will prevent bacteria airborne after using vacuum cleaner.

The way you clean your house and maintain personal hygiene will have a huge effect on how much bacteria you allow to live alongside you. By having set routines and positive cleaning habits, you can help make sure they are kept to a minimum.