Did you know that cleaning your home is a great way of keeping fit? Just twenty minutes spent cleaning a day can improve your all round health and fitness, as well as improving psychological well-being.

Cleaning the house can certainly add great benefits to your life. Even low level physical activities, such as domestic cleaning, walking, dancing or sports lower psychological distress. The fact is, the more active you are, the less likely you suffer from stress, anxieties and high blood pressure. Cleaning your home may not be as beneficial as going to the gym or doing sports like swimming and cycling, but for those who don’t have the time or money; it is the perfect opportunity to implement fitness as well as getting your home looking great!

Cleaning your home not only provides you with a daily fitness routine, but the outcome of your cleaning will also make you happier. Living in a messy, unclean environment, not to mention an unhygienic one does no good for the mental well-being of an individual or family. By cleaning your home, you are metaphorically cleaning and de-cluttering your own stresses, as well as burning off a few calories! It is a win, win situation and so should not be undervalued.

The saying goes that a home is a reflection of its owner, and to some extent, that is true. If so, then by regularly cleaning and making it look as best it can, as well as keeping it organised, you will feel your mental state improving. It doesn’t take much, especially if you are doing it bit by bit each day, or every other day. It is when you start leaving it every week and then every fortnight, that dust, dirt and grime accumulates.

The great thing about cleaning for exercise and well-being is that anyone can do it, regardless of your age. . Regular physical activity can sometimes seem daunting or difficult to motivate for, but if you maintain your household cleaning, then you will keep yourself active and healthy, without worrying about joining an expensive gym. This doesn’t just apply to indoor cleaning either, but also outside, if you have a garden. Gardening can be perfect for generating better moods as well as some light physical work to keep your body healthy.

Regular exercising needn’t be a chore and cleaning your house yourself has a huge impact on reducing inner stress as well as creating a better quality living environment.