There are cleaning products all over our homes and offices: on washing up to worktops, clothes, floors, furniture, ornaments and windows, to name a few. However, in this battle against grime, dust and germs, there is a risk of actually creating a worse scenario.

A lot of, if not all of the traditional cleaning products we were used to in days gone by were petroleum-based and had detrimental effects to the personal health of the consumer, as well as the environment. They are still in circulation today. So why not choose something that contains less toxic chemicals and opt for a more natural product instead?

Green cleaning products are a growing market in the cleaning industry. Most of these products are non-toxic, biodegradable, and made from renewable resources (not petroleum). If the cost puts you off, then home made recipes such as lemon juice, vinegar and baking soda can fight off a great many marks and stains. Baking soda in particular has multi faceted pros. It can eliminate bad odours from carpets; it can remove smells from your fridge, and help defeat bacteria in your washing machines.

To clean the air in your home or office, try using natural products instead of spray fresheners. There are many ways of creating great odours by boiling herbs or cinnamon and other cloves or by burning aroma oils.

If you are going to replace your old toxic cleaning products, don’t just throw them in the rubbish or pour them away down the drain. Try and recycle them as they can cause harm to the environment, animals or the local water supply, which means you and me.

If you employ a house cleaner, then make sure you ask the right questions and do the right amount of research about their methods. Enquire about what products they use and about how green they are. Some cleaners promote the use of green products and should be valued over others that use older, more toxic varieties.
Be more aware of what is getting into your home.

Take your shoes off at the door, and wash your hands when you get in. Think of the toxins and germs that may be spread about your home if you don’t make small changes to your daily routines. It doesn’t need to be a major overhaul, rather a few small steps that will ultimately, it will make you feel cleaner, healthier and happier.