Keep that kitchen clean – don’t let messy lunch-breaks get your workers down

There are countless reasons to consider daily office cleaning, and keeping the kitchen hygienic and a nice place to be is one of the big ones.

Lunch breaks are a conundrum for employers, and one which isn’t always easy to solve. Employees have to be able to come and go into the kitchen as they please, but also have to be trusted to keep the place clean and tidy. Inevitably, one or two messy people can cause a problem for all. And that’s where it becomes hard for the employer. He or she doesn’t want to have to take the workforce aside – doing so can feel pedantic and unnecessary, especially in the face of bigger problems that happen at work.

Microwaves contribute enormously to this problem, of course. Ready-meals might be handy when you’re in a hurry, but they also have a habit of exploding, and paint the inside of the magic box with a steady stream of messy gunk. You could ask your employees to clean it routinely, or you could just consider getting Daisyclean in instead! With our office cleaning solutions, we’ll keep things nice and simple. Your employees come and go, and our cleaners will do the same, as it suits you, so that the kitchen is a place to enjoy – rather than to run away from.

Our office cleaning professionals won’t just focus on the microwave, of course. They’ll ensure that all hard surfaces are germ-free, keep the floor clean and will make any left-over food a thing of the past. Another big part of our job is changing the bins. With our experts taking care of this, your employees will no longer have to toss a coin to decide who gets the job nobody likes.

There are unexpected benefits with office cleaning, too. For example, ever wanted to bring some clients into the kitchen one day but felt too ashamed? With daily cleaning, you can do exactly this whenever you please, knowing that what you’ll find when you open the door is a space that’s encouraging, hygienic and the perfect place to welcome a client into your company.