Once a child enters your life and you begin to celebrate parenthood, everything changes, from the smallest parts of your life you may not have thought about, to the larger aspects too. One area that will never quite be the same is your home surroundings.

Welcome to the world of baby clutter, endless toys, crayon marks, blobs of baby food and endless other distractions. In amongst all the chaos, there are helpful tips that can help you organise your home and feel a little bit more prepared for the future, which as well as saving you time and effort, can also save you some money too.
It is a great idea to have baskets in place, which can then be used for a large bulk of baby toys. Otherwise, they often find homes on the floor and can be a hazard in the home.

Using storage boxes for other items like stationary, pads and crayons is another great way to keep tidy. Organisation is the key here, and to make sure everything has its own place.

Keep your home clean, but don’t over exert yourself because you will have enough work on your hands from the little one. Keep a realistic cleaning schedule, and stick to it every week. This way, you will not rush around and get overly stressed out by the experience.

One area that you will notice increasing is the laundry. Again, don’t try and do everything at once, and try to complete it bit by bit. The same applies for the drying. You don’t want to run out of space to hang your laundry, especially if you don’t have a tumble dryer or outdoor space. This requires you to be organised with your washing and a regular routine in place. When the items are dry, to reduce the amount of ironing necessary, fold them as quickly as possible. Furthermore, only keep ironing to a daily minimum, and a time of day where there are less distractions, due to safety issues. In the evening is usually a good time for this.

You child may not use some of his/her toys very much, and so instead of keeping them out, find somewhere to store them, or take them to a charity shop. This way, your home doesn’t become cluttered with unnecessary items.

When they are old enough to understand, make your child aware of the importance of tidiness and to clean up after themselves. This will instil in them the correct values and appreciate their living space too.

If time is a luxury that you do not have right now, then let the professional cleaner do the job for you. Contact us today find out how we could help you keep your home clean and tidy when have a new born or while your kids are growing up.