The Winter vomiting bug means business, and as we approach Christmas 2013, it’s just as brutal as ever. Caused by a collection of viruses called noroviruses, the bug’s main talent is bringing its victims down in a matter of minutes, and leaving them feeling terrible for between 24 and 72 hours (most at risk are those in closed-environments with central heating).If there was ever a reason to consider daily office cleaning, it’s this horrible little critter. And it gets worse when we take a look at office hygiene

Most people think standard cleaning is enough. Disinfect the toilet seats once a day. Make sure the surfaces get a wipe down.Except there’s a problem with the basic approach: employees don’t always know they’ve got the winter vomiting bug. Symptoms can be hidden for hours before, and as long as several days after a person feels fine.

The bug is also extremely stubborn: scientists have proven that it can survive for as long as 2 weeks on hard surfaces.   Possibly the most unsettling thing is how fast this bug can spread. Not only does it spread through an innocent pat on the arm, but it can be caught from taking a seat on a toilet. This puts women at more risk than men, although everyone is at risk in reality. Specifically because it doesn’t just affect people during the Winter. In fact, this bug can strike at any time of year!

Get Daisyclean in for daily office cleaning and we’ll ensure that your workplace is as hygienic as possible. For example, not all cleaning chemicals will kill noroviruses, which means that you could be allowing the virus to hang around, putting your employees at unnecessary risk. With Christmas coming up, the last thing anyone wants is sick employees that mean emergency back-up is needed!   Because we’re a nice bunch, we’ll also talk to you about how you can keep your working atmosphere as safe, clean and worker-friendly as possible. Daily office cleaning can’t rid the world of germs altogether, but it can make a huge difference which benefits everyone.