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We offer a wide range of Office Cleaning Services, designed to provide cost efficient support to all commercial clients, and help reduce variable business cost.

£12.50 p/h  (Labour only)

£15.00 p/h (Labour, cleaning materials and equipment)

Daytime Office Cleaning is a cost efficient way to clean business premises throughout the day without interrupting the business operations. It benefits our clients with reduced cost for daily office cleaning as less cleaning staff is needed, less security and energy consumption as cleaners work alongside office staff, enhanced customer care as cleaners are always on site ready to response immediately to clients requests and not lastly the presence of cleaners during normal business hours changes the way the staff and customers look at daily office cleaning. It triggers respect and commitment towards the efforts of the cleaners and the organisation for healthy and safe working environment.

£12.50 p/h (Labour only)

£15.00 p/h (Labour, cleaning materials and equipment)

Evening Office Cleaning is a standard for office cleaning where we specialize and offer a comprehensive Evening Office Cleaning programs, customised to the client’s requirement and budget in order to achieve great cleaning results and improve cost efficiency.


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Dasicyclean is an Office Cleaning Contractor and has been providing Office cleaning services to many business clients throughout London and the Home Counties. Our primary mission is to improve the hygiene and cleanliness at work and to insure safer and healthier working environment for the company personals, clients and visitors.

For over a decade we have been providing Daytime and Evening office cleaning as a part of our daily office cleaning services, where we build our name and reputation as reliable and efficient cleaning contractor. Using our experience and expertise in office cleaning, we deliver time after time and our success in winning and managing  complex projects pays testament to that.

Our forward thinking and hands on business approach, is allowing us to stay on the top of our game. We  use advanced  and proven cleaning methods, energy efficient equipment and greener cleaning products. We employ only experienced and reliable cleaners who are trained how to improve cleaning methods and practices through better use of the available resources, and how to be one step ahead of clients, giving the best in customer care.

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