Here at Daisyclean, we understand that retail cleaning can be a difficult thing to sort out. The first tough thing is never having any time. When you work long hours and the shop is busy with people for most of the day, how are you supposed to find a firm to clean everything? Add to that the fact that you need many types of retail cleaning solutions all at once – the kitchen for the staff, the changing rooms, the carpet and the delivery area out the back – and it’s easy to see why some shops get left behind.

Write down your retail cleaning expectations

Some people get into a trap. Believing that their retail cleaning wish-list is unfeasible and unrealistic, they choose the first cleaning company they find: a cheap one who are enthusiastic and always on-time, but not necessarily the most qualified for the job. This doesn’t have to be the way things are, though! Daisyclean can help, but before we do, it’d be a good idea for you to sit down and write out your list of needs. It might go something like this:

  • I need the changing rooms cleaned every 3 days very well, so they don’t smell at all and the carpet is perfect.
  • I need the front of the shop free of dust before every day starts.
  • I need the delivery area free of rubbish and carpet debris.
  • I need the windows clean and the kitchen constantly kept tidy and hygienic so that when the area manager comes in, it’s not an embarrassment!

Now, why should that be asking too much? It might seem like a big ask, but our retail cleaning experts know all about efficiency, and are used to handling various different tasks. The fact that we clean both commercial residences and private homes means that we have a good scope of understanding for the fine details. In other words, you tell us when we can come in and clean and we’ll be there with the technology to handle the job.

Or ask our retail cleaning advice

Not sure if the laminate floor needs replacing or just a good deep clean? Concerned that the carpet out the back might not be salvageable? Then put your questions to us and we’ll give you an honest answer, followed by a quote which is competitive, giving you peace-of-mind.