Floor care and cleaning isn’t just a case of putting a mop over the floor. While that’s a good start, it goes a lot further than that! Using the most up-to-date technology, Daisyclean specialise in ridding floors of dirt, dust and anything else that shouldn’t be there. It’s not simply a case of cleaning up mess once it’s there, either. Prevention is something we do a lot of. By ensuring that floors are clean and carpets are kept hygienic, we’re making floors last longer. Which is good news, because if you’ve ever needed to have the carpet replaced, you’ll know that that’s a lot of time spent with workmen where your employees should be.

Specialist floor care and cleaning for all

Got laminate flooring? Is it old or new? Reclaimed wood will need a certain approach, especially if it’s in a listed building. The application of chemicals needs to be carefully considered when it comes to floor cleaning, and while carpets can be cleaned with cheap materials, we like to do it the proper way. We don’t get down to business until we’ve worked out a few crucial things: for example, how the chemicals will affect your flooring and what process is best to keep your flooring looking good for as long as possible.

Floor care that gets all the dust out!

Ever tried to get dust out of the grooves of wooden flooring? Then you’ll know that it’s a tricky job. You could pull the whole lot up, but there’s really no need to. Using quality vacuum technology and add-ons that get into the most hidden of places, Daisyclean excel at making hard-to-reach areas look presentable again.

And what about marble floors, stone floors and floors which have dirt and filth ingrained in them? Taking care of specialist flooring takes professional experience. Getting an expert in is the most economical choice. You could spend hours researching online, but even after that you’d need to buy the equipment – which doesn’t come cheap and takes time to learn how to use.

Have a question about floor care and cleaning? We’ll talk your situation through with you, giving you the information necessary for you to make an informed decision about using our services.