If you run a company or if you are individual that uses traditional wet mopping as a means of cleaning the floors, then you may want to reconsider this method in favor of compact scrubber dryers instead. The old way of mopping floors doesn’t at first glance appear to have any drawbacks to it as it is been in use for more than hundred years. It seems easy to do and cheap to set up too. However, taking a closer look at wet mopping reveals several negative points that a scrubber dryer can overcome.

For one, the fact that mopping is cheap is actually a myth. Yes, the actual equipment needed is cheap, but over time, mops and buckets will need replacing because they are usually made of quite cheap and flimsy plastic. The main cost incurred however, is down to the staff and time needed to carry out the task of mopping. The traditional wet mopping normally will take far longer and require much larger work force to complete as water has to be changed many times during the cleaning process, warning signs have to be raised and moved around the area of cleaning.

Not only this, but wet mopping provides a wealth of potential hazards to the work space. With floors left fairly wet or dump, there is a real danger of slips and falls, especially near stair wells and areas with heavy foot traffic. Despite the use of warning signs, accidents always happen and this is a risk that needn’t be there. With a scrubber dryer, this is not an issue because the floors are kept constantly dry during the cleaning period.

The dryers come in two varieties: battery powered or ones powered by the mains. The floors are cleaned in a tremendously quick time, without the need to go over the same area to remove stains. The increased safety element is a key benefit of using a scrubber dryer over mopping.

It is an often overlooked fact as well that traditional wet mopping might not be that effective if performed wrongly. Water or the solution in the bucket must be changed very often during the cleaning because dipping a mop in a bucket of unclean water and then distributing all over the floor will spread bacteria and will increase the risk of illness in your work place instead of cleaning it.The scrubber dryer machine, on the contrary, guarantees that the operator won’t use any dirty water during the cleaning process.

Using a mop and bucket has been the traditional method of cleaning floors for very long time and just recently new more advanced methods and systems have been introduced as response to the demand for more cost efficient way of floor cleaning. Often streaky marks are left on the floor as mopping isn’t that consistent way of cleaning any type of floor. By purchasing a scrubber drier, you will be guaranteeing a deeper, safer clean and your floors will shine like never before.

Of course there are some drawbacks to the use of Scrubber dryer which we have to consider too. First they are relatively expensive as an initial set up cost but in a long term they will prove cost efficient. Second like every equipment and machinery it needs regular servicing and maintenance in case it turns faulty but if kept sound and used properly it will serve for a long time. Third but not last they a bit bulky and difficult to store. Even the most compact models are still at least the size of big upright vacuum cleaner and compared to the bucket and mop or any flat mop system which becoming very popular recently, you definitely need to consider storage before buying one.

There is no argument that Scrubber dryers have gone a long way since first introduced and have improved dramatically which makes them obvious choice for the cleaning industry. They are cost efficient, easy to use, more compact and versatile and clean your floors perfectly. But on the other hand it is probably wise to keep a bucket and mop in case your scrubber drier fails or there is no power so you could keep that floor nice and clean all the time.

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