It is important to remember to replace your vacuum cleaner when you believe that your vacuum is not working to its maximum potential.If it isn’t, and you keep using it, then the vacuum cleaner will fail to collect adequate amounts of dust and it may damage your machine. It doesn’t matter how expensive or powerful your cleaner is, it will not give you full strength suction if you don’t maintain fresh vacuum bags.

Be careful when fitting new bags, as they can tear quite easily sometimes and then they become useless and rather messy when you realise later on! Follow the instructions on the vacuum bag and you shouldn’t go far wrong.

There are some signs that tell you that your vacuum cleaner bag is full, and you needn’t wait until your machine no longer has any suction power. You may notice that it makes a different noise, that it fails to lift objects or particles that it usually would. You can test this by placing your hand over the end of the nozzle and checking how powerful the suction is.

By removing the bag, and placing it in the bin, you are doing a good service to your vacuum cleaner and maintaining its overall performance. Of course, how often you have to change vacuum bags is dependent on your property and who lives there. Pets, children, visitors etc. can all create more dust and dirt needed to be vacuumed.

If you have vacuums that don’t require a bag, then you shouldn’t assume that these do not need emptying as often. In fact, they require just as much care and attention. Some models have transparent plastic so you can actually see how much dust and dirt is gathering within your vacuums dust container. Again, you shouldn’t wait until this container is crammed full of material before changing it. Maybe empty it when it gets half full, so as to keep your machine well maintained and less liable to overheating.

Maintaining the performance level of your vacuum can be overlooked, but it is a very important household machine, just like washing machines, irons and ovens and should be treated as such. It doesn’t take much to keep them in good condition, so by developing a few routines and not leaving things until the last minute, you should stay on top of your vacuum cleaner and keep the same one for many years.