When considering scrubber dryer equipment, it is important to make some key decisions first, before buying or supplying to a cleaning contract.

Firstly, outline what you want the scrubber dryer to do and how much of an area it will need to cover. This is because you don’t want to spend big if you only want it to clean a small amount of rooms. This is not an economical way of managing your equipment.

On the other hand, if you require scrubber dryer to clean many rooms of ample size, then you won’t want a small machine that costs less. The chance of malfunction is increased and the cost of repairs will be numerous. So think about how it will apply to you and your building.

There is also the decision to make on whether you want a battery powered machine or mains powered. Obviously there are pros and cons to both varieties. The mains powered scrubber dryer can be used around the clock and will always run on full power, offering greater reliability. However, the length of the cord can become an issue if it needs to be frequently changing plugs along the way.

A battery powered machine offers great range because it is not restricted by the length of a cable. However, the batteries will diminish and so need to be constantly kept on charge when not in use. If not, then the machine becomes unusable and an economic drain.

Another consideration to make is what kind of pad or brush you wish to use for each specific floor type. You must assess which floor you have and what will suit it best in terms of the heads of the scrubber drier. This will optimise the cleanliness of your floors and also prevent any unnecessary damage from happening.

When you have chosen your particular machine, you must be strict with your regimen of maintenance. These pieces of equipment are not cheap and so should be checked and maintained to their optimum, otherwise performance levels will drop and repairs will be needed. On many of the scrubber driers, there is an indicator which will notify you that it is due to being checked over by an engineer.

The essence of a great purchase is to suit your environment so your scrubber dryer can complement your surroundings and achieve an amazing clean every time. If you treat it with the utmost respect, then you will not be disappointed with your purchase.

For more information on what scrubber dryer will work for your building or if you need help to decide how to clean and maintain your flooring contact us now.