The invention of wet wipes is surely one of the best additions to any household, office or shop for the use of multi-purpose cleaning. They have so many great and positive benefits, of which will be outlined in this article.

First of all they are very cheap and a pack of wet wipes could be found at every corner shop. The price can vary from budget own brands up to the larger company names, but in general, a pack of wipes is very cost effective.

Secondly, they need no maintenance whatsoever. You don’t need to rinse or dry them, as they are kept damp within their pack. They are also very handy and mobile, with all of the wipes housed inside a portable unit either small or big.

The best thing about wipes though is how great they are at cleaning so many different things; the main marketing drive for wipes is that they are for babies, to wipe up all the mess that babies leave behind is something which wipes are excellent for. No more stained cloths and added washing machine and stain removal costs. Just use wipes and the simply throw them in the bin when you’re done!

They come in fragranced or fragrance free varieties, so the choice is yours. For sensitive skin, go with the fragrance free type. Wipes are also great for mopping up after dinner time, picking up bits of food and even for wiping clean your hands after an accident at dinner time. In general, if you have young kids, then you need to have a steady stock pile of wipes in the house.

Another great use of wipes is to clean personal and electrical devices. So for your keyboards, remote control, mobile phone etc. the wet wipe will easily remove any mark or stain and leave it looking as good as new. Because the wipes are dermatologically tested, your devices will be well sanitised too.

As mentioned before, wipes are great at wiping up spills on surfaces too, be it a chair, table, worktop or shelf, the versatility of the wipe is stunning. They can even be used to clean and shine shoes, wipe up marks on laminate or tiled flooring, all types of furniture and upholstery and in the car as well. The humble wet wipe is a remarkable cleaning tool and should never be overlooked or scoffed at. They certainly shouldn’t only be limited to the baby and indeed, no home should be without them.