Brass is a common metal that is used for many decorative items and is a popular component of all kinds of household materials. It is made from zinc and copper mainly, and this can cause tarnishing over time. It also can attract grease and other kinds of dirt which need to be cleaned and maintained to get the very best from the brass.

There is a way of finding out firstly, if it is real brass, as there are lots of copies and imitations of brass on the market. Simply by holding a magnet to the item and checking if it sticks should be enough to tell. If it doesn’t stick, then you have real brass. On the other hand, if it does, then it isn’t solid brass and could just be plated or some other composite metal.

Next you should ascertain if the brass needs a proper clean, as some people like the look of tarnished brass. It can offer a pleasant antique hue, so this is a personal preference.

If you do choose to clean the brass items in your home then first off, you should remove any oily or greasy residue off the piece. To do this, simply rinse the brass with a damp, soapy cloth. This should already make the brass look a little cleaner and brighter.

After this process, you may want to apply varnish or lacquer remover to the brass, so you can really get to the base of the metal. You can get these removers from hardware stores. Always read instructions before use.

Next, once the varnish has been removed, you can polish the brass with a cloth, and then buff to truly bring out the original brass item’s shine.
You are then ready to apply a new coat of lacquer to the brass. This is a layer of protection and helps to keep it bright and gleaning. A small, thin paintbrush is best used in this situation. Only apply a thin layer and do this slowly, as you don’t want to make any mistakes. Any thicker areas or drips should be mopped up with a cloth. Leave the brass afterwards and let it dry fully.

After this process is finished, you can wipe the brass item with a cloth, a final rub down, and it should be looking as good as new. It will need dusting regularly, but if this is kept up, then it shouldn’t need thorough cleaning for a long time.

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Photo by bakuninja