Most of us nowadays have more than one screen or monitor in our living space. With the age of computers, there can be sometimes three of more such screens that gather dust and greasy marks daily. It is a fact of modern life that most times, this goes either unnoticed or simply left to deal with another time. Cleaning our television or computer screens seems like a rather insignificant, unimportant task. However, the build-up of grime can lead to technical issues for your appliance and may result in damage. Not only this, but the dust will no doubt lead to diminished clarity and picture quality. The problem is that this is a gradual event, so you may not even know it is happening. Only once you have cleaned the screens will you notice a marked improvement.

You can buy a specific wipe solution from computer shops or general hard ware stores. These aren’t necessarily cheap however, and you can create exactly the same result by using home-made solution. To achieve this, just follow the next few easy guidelines.

First off, get a small bowl and into it, mix in equal amounts water and fabric softener and add in a few drops of essential oil afterwards. Stir a little once this has been done.

Acquire a small or medium sized spray bottle and some soft cotton or cut up flannel material. You can recycle an old one if you have any. Just rinse it out thoroughly before reusing. Then pour the solution into the bottle and spray onto the cotton or flannel material (do never spray screens directly). Wait until the material is damp enough and then apply to the affected screen directly. Do not wipe too hard, as this could damage the sensitive screen panel. Gently remove the static and wipe over the entirety of the screen.

It really is as simple as that, and this method should be repeated regularly to avoid a similar build-up of dust and other particles on your screens. Remember to label the bottle, so it can be stored safely and you know what it is. When applying to computer monitors, greater caution should be taken. This is because it is a smaller appliance and the screen is close to other components. To combat this, use less spray and a smaller piece of cotton or flannel to apply the solution.

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Photo by frecuencia