Our leather furniture or upholstery for our homes or cars is always very important to us, and the maintenance of this highly desirable material is crucial. Leather, being a natural material can mark very easily and this can be a big concern to the owner. This is why learning about the methods for cleaning leather upholstery is vital to maintaining the very best quality and enhancing your product.

Firstly, you will need to ascertain which type of leather you have, as there is more than just the one variety. A good way of identifying this is by making the leather surface wet and seeing if it sits on top of the surface or is absorbed into the material itself.

If the water does simply remain sat on the surface, then you have a protected leather piece. If the water is absorbed into the leather, leaving a dark patch, then you have either Nubuck or Aniline leather. The following cleaning instructions do not apply to Nubuck or Aniline leather and is only relevant for protected leather surfaces.

Firstly, for cleaning leather you must invest in a cleaner spray made especially for leather materials. This spray can be found in most hardware stores, so enquire at the desk if you have any trouble locating it. The spray should be used directly onto the leather surface and then irritated with a soft brush. While you do this work, remember not to do this in large areas at a time, but keep it small and compact and work your way across. This is to minimise the risk of streaks on your upholstery.

What the brush is for is to lift any dirt from the tiny cracks within the leather material. This method of spray and brush is very effective and you should see your leather furniture become more like a newer, brighter and more uplifted piece once again.

The next step is to dry the surfaces with a dry cloth or towel. This is to remove any moisture that remains on top of the leather. Depending on the severity of the dirt, you may need to go over the leather again with the spray.

After the drying, the leather will need conditioning, which you can acquire at upholstery or hardware stores. Apply the conditioner by means of a cloth and go over the areas that you have cleaned. Once this has dried, your leather should be restored as good as you can get it. For more information on quality cleaning services, call us today!