A hallway is an area that is reached via the front door and usually provides easy entrance and visibility to most of the main rooms of the property, including the staircase. The hallway is most commonly the first part of your home that guests and visitors see as they come in. This makes it a very important place to keep free from dust and clutter.

The dust likes to accumulate in areas that may not be well spotted. This includes the tops of the skirting boards and the edges of the door frame and along the tops of pictures or photo frames. These are places that you need to make sure are regularly wiped clean because the likelihood is they will be very attractive to dust. Get an extendable duster and work along your hallway ceiling to remove any signs of hanging cobwebs, especially in the corners. These can be all too easily forgotten about, but remain an unwelcome sight.

As well as dusting, be sure to polish your frames and pictures, along with any metal door handles. You’ll be amazed what a difference it makes and it will take a matter of seconds to achieve a shinier more pristine look.

It goes without saying that the hallway is used an awful lot of the time, and a lot of peoples feet will pass through it, so make sure you regularly vacuum the carpet, or if you have laminate flooring, then vacuum and wash with a mop. Maintaining a clean floor is vital in not only making the space look great, but helps in reducing dust and bacteria too. Use a dustpan and brush or a broom to lift up those annoying pieces of fluff and heavier pieces of dirt that the vacuum may not pick up.

If you have stairs, then it is a good idea is to start from the top and vacuum each step, working your way down. Try and use the attachments of your vacuum to reach the harder places in the corners of your stairs and not leave them to gather dust. If you have hard floor stairs, then mop them once you have vacuumed for an immaculately clean finish.
Once you have followed these simple steps, it is time to have guests round (remembering to ask them to remove their footwear first) and let them admire your hard work. The entrance to your home should be transformed and just be sure to keep this up on a regular basis.

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photo by cqpalzm