House cleaning is a tedious activity for most of us. Unfortunately, few of us can afford a house cleaning agency. Thus, we have to do it our own. But not only the cleaning of your house can take you much time and bore you to death. It can be dangerous to your health as well. Fortunately, for the last couple of decades a new movement grows stronger – the defenders of the eco-friendly cleaning. There are countless cleaning techniques, which you can apply to all sorts of dirt in your home. Many of them involve homemade detergents and cleaning agents – and you can prepare literally everything in your home, using products from the nearby grocery store. In this short article we will give you several tips how to do so.

Let us begin with one of the most important cleaning agents which all of us use on daily bases – the soap. Even if you have not realized this before, you can prepare it on your own. Remember, that the soap you buy from the local store is produced using the very same chemical reaction, which you can make in your house. The two basic and most important ingredients, which you will need for your soap, are animal fat and lye
, both of which you can buy from the local supermarket. They are fried together and when the substance cools, cut it into bars. However, just mixing lye and fat will result in a very crude soap. You can add all sorts of stuff to make it just the way you want. From palm oil to coffee – everything can be added. Adding them will bring different features to your soap and help prevent it from dehydrating your skin.

The different rooms of your home collect different types of dirt. But keep in mind, that where there are stainsone ingredient is extremely useful – the vinegar. It can be used for cleaning all sorts of surfaces throughout your entire house and for removing all sorts of stains. The chrome surfaces in your home can be easily and effectively cleaned by a mixture of distilled vinegar and salt. The proportion is 2:1. It makes them shiny as they have never been. The microwave is tricky when it comes to cleaning. However, with vinegar you can clean it easier than ever before. Just insert a glass of water and vinegar, mixed 1:1 and wait until the mixture evaporates. Then, using a mop, dipped into the same mixture, carefully clean the insides of the oven. In the end just clean the remaining substance from the walls of your microwave.

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