If it’s time for you to invest in a new vacuum cleaner, it can be a difficult decision to choose the right one. Some believe the real power of the machine lies in the suction cup and how strong the seal is with each individual cleaner. However, this is a common falsehood. Even smaller machines can have an effective seal by using their suction cups.

Therefore, there must be other areas that determine the success of the vacuum cleaner. Research suggests that the factors to consider are the filtration of the machine, as well as the lift and airflow and lastly, the design.

The airflow of a vacuum cleaner is categorised by the amount of air that passes through the machine. Commonly seen in cubic feet per minute, the airflow monitors the amount of dirt that is carried through the interior to the container and how quickly it takes to travel there. The power of the airflow is not always greatest in larger machines. Sometimes, it is dependent on the workings of the vacuum cleaner from inside and how many obstructions there are to the airflow.

Lift is very important to the successful function of the vacuum cleaner. It indicates the power of the motor within and how well it ‘lifts’ the soil. The greater the lift usually means the greater the airflow and as a result, the more powerful the vacuum cleaner.

Filtration refers to how effective the machine manages to filter the soil particles and deal with them. The better the filter in the machine, the more likely it is to have a longer life and require less blockages and maintenance.

Lastly, the design on a vacuum cleaner is vital to the commercial cleaner. Used every day, the design must be suitable to the working environment. Matters of weight and shape for storage, how well they travel over different surfaces and the robustness of the machine are all to be considered.

These four main factors are to be taken into consideration by commercial cleaners when choosing the next vacuum cleaner. By thinking hard about each one and selecting a cleaner that ticks each of these, you will have a great opportunity to have a perfect machine for your business.

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