Rust is something that we all see and are affected by from time to time. Not only is it unsightly and irritating to remove, but it can also lead to quite dangerous situations, if it is weakening certain materials. Rust happens when the oxidation process occurs. This is when the air contacts metal objects that haven’t been protected beforehand. Some of these metals are beyond repair, so must be replaced.

However, it is always a good idea to first see if you can remove the layer of rust. This is a more cost effective route, and will save you replacing an item that may not necessarily need to be. Outlined thus, is how best to deal with rust.

First, deal with the flakes of rust that may be hanging off loosely. Use a wire brush for this and scrape them off as best you can. There is the option of removing rust with quite strong chemicals. These can be purchased in hardware stores up and down the country. Because of the toxic levels these chemicals possess, always wear thick gloves and safety glasses when you use them. Of course, all instructions should be adhered to and respected. The directions are there for your own safety.

Depending on the size and scale of the rust, these sorts of powerful chemicals may not be needed. For smaller items, white vinegar can be used effectively. Either apply it directly or soak an item in a bowl of the vinegar. The acids in the vinegar, over time, should dissolve the rust. Once this has happened, the object can be wiped and dried off.

Another great natural rust remover is baking soda. You can mix it with water and add this onto the rusted material directly, leaving it to do its work. Wipe the residue, once the rust has been dissolved.

Unfortunately, some items may need strong bleach chemicals that contain powerful acids if the natural methods don’t work. A good idea is to wear a face mask, so as to avoid any fumes getting into the lungs. If it is possible, then take the object outside to do the rust removing. This will mean, the fumes do not get trapped inside your property, and also affect you less too.

Getting rid of rust is possible and may take a couple of attempts, but once it is completed, you will be satisfied with the end product. For more cleaning ideas and services, call Daisyclean today!

Photo by 11010010