Nobody loves cleaning, we all do it because we like to keep our homes nice and clean. However, it doesn’t have to be all work and no play. Here’re some tips on how to transform a chore into something fun.

1. Ask friends and family to help – especially if it’s a big clean after a party or building work. Cleaning is always more fun if other people are involved.

2. Sing and play music – blast your hi-fi system with your favourite music and channel your inner Freddie Mercury with the Hoover. Plus, you’ll burn twice as many calories if you incorporate your dance moves into your cleaning routine.

3. Set a timer and stop every half an hour for a drink or a snack – reward yourself with a piece of your favourite chocolate or cold beverage. That way you’ll have something to look forward to and the half hour will pass even faster.

4. Get yourself fun cleaning stuff – colourful brushes, soft cloths, wonderfully smelling detergents, brightly coloured caddies – the choices are endless!

5. Involve your children in the cleaning – ask them to tidy their room and reward them with a sticker (or in case you have uncooperative teenagers – reward them with the new Wi-Fi password or voucher for event or concert). You can also ask them to help by putting the laundry in the washing machine, taking the recycling out, dusting or mopping the floor after you’ve vacuumed.

6. Open all windows – even if it’s cold outside. You’re bound to shed some sweat with all that dancing, singing and cleaning, so opening your windows will provide you with the fresh air you’ll be craving. It will also eliminate all nasty smells and dust from your home.

7. Get a “cleaning outfit” – it can be anything you feel comfortable in but I’d suggest something bright, colourful and fun which you’ll look forward to wearing.

Happy cleaning!