It’s important to maintain a clean mattress! We spend at least six hours a day lying on one, so it is easy to see why they need to be kept as clean and hygienic as possible. A lot of people don’t realise that you can in fact vacuum your mattress regularly. A lot of vacuum cleaners have attachments made especially to clean upholstery. By vacuuming your mattress regularly, say, once a week, you will be sure to limit the amount of potentially harmful bacteria and dust in your mattress. It also will help to rid you of the dust mites that live in the fabric of the mattress.

The problem is, most of this is invisible and so we do not think there is an issue. We pay most of our attention to the bed linen, which is very important to keep clean too, but the mattress cleanliness is often overlooked as a result.

Invest in a mattress protector. By washing it regularly too, you will be doing the very best in fighting against accumulated dust. If you can, then buy a spare, so you can use it when the other one is being washed. This way, your mattress is always protected.

It is common for the mattress to acquire marks and stains and this is due in part to residue and sweat from the occupants. So much time is spent on the mattress, that over the months and years, these yellow/brown marks can make their way onto parts of the mattress. With the help of a general cleaner, warm water and a sponge or cloth, they can usually be rubbed out fairly quickly.

This can leave some moisture on parts of your mattress though, and so do this early on in the day, and try and rub as much moisture off as possible once you’ve finished. Leave your bed clear, open some windows and let the areas dry, before putting any linen on later. If you are in a real hurry, then carefully use a hair dryer on the affected area. This will help speed up the drying process.

There are also professional cleaning companies that will help advise you in cleaning your mattress and do the job for you, so it is best to research this if you think it will suit you better.

Alternatively, if your mattress is badly stained, or very old, then it will probably be a good idea to invest in a new one.

Taking care of our mattresses plays an important part in our all-round health and wellbeing. We want to know that what we sleep on is hygienic and clean, so start taking steps to maintaining yours.

photo by ddrccl