Make your cleaning less of a nightmare

Getting the cleaning sorted in your house need not be the pain in the neck that many people imagine it to be. You will most likely agree that cleaning is not that difficult in reality, it is simply the boredom that comes with repetitive and mindless tasks that makes it such an unattractive prospect. If you could reduce how long the whole thing took, and how bored you were at these times, then surely the job would be less of an issue, so why not work out ways in which to make those things a reality? You may not be sure as to how to go about doing this, as it can be extremely difficult to imagine a situation in which cleaning is not a nightmare, so it may help to have a look over the following clues as to how to make such things happen.

For a start, the main reason that cleaning takes a long time is because of the amount of dirt and dust that needs to be cleaned. If you only had a little mess to clear, then the job would take a matter of minutes right? Well, how can you make that the case? By cleaning more regularly! It is pretty simple. If you were to clean more often, then the work load would be less. Cleaning a surface down every few days would mean that it was just a wipe away at some dust, and would take a matter of seconds. Hoovering regularly would only take minutes, as would mopping, so perhaps try upping the regularity with which you clean, and you should find that things take less time. You may think that cleaning more often would only level out the effort spent in cleaning that is saved by reducing the amount of dirt, but let’s face it, a couple of wipes here and there every couple of days is much less of a chore and time waster than that of having to spend the day cleaning the whole house of a weekend! You should be able to regulate the cleaning so that it becomes a thing that you naturally do across the week, spreading the workload out across the days by dividing the jobs up into manageable tasks that take a couple of minutes out of your regular schedule.

But how to make them less dull? Well, given that these jobs are quite so easy, it tends to be the case that you can concentrate on listening to something whilst you are cleaning. There are aural stimulators for everyone out there, from podcasts , to music, to radio programs, it just depends on what you would like to listen to. Having something on in the background will ultimately make all the difference with the cleaning, as you will be concentrating totally on what you are listening to rather than how boring what you doing is.

Why not combine the two? Coming home from work every day, have a little bit of relaxing time, make yourself some dinner, and then do half an hour where you put on a favorite album and do a couple of cleaning jobs! The resulting time will mean that you are getting the place fresh and clean, whilst also revisiting a classic album, finding new music, listening to the news of the week on the radio, learning something new in a podcast, or anything of the sort! You must agree that that would be better than wasting a Saturday every couple of weeks trying to get it all done at once!?

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