Ovens can be difficult and labour intensive appliances to clean. Because they are usually left alone for long periods and not cleaned as regularly as they should, they tend to build up strong and resistant grease and grime. This in turn can lead to a burning smell emanating from the oven when cooking food. If left for a very long time, this build up can become hazardous for you in the kitchen.

This therefore, can pose quite a challenge to shift. Luckily some ovens are self-cleaning, and so it is wise to read the manual for your oven first, to ascertain whether it is self-cleaning or not. On the other hand if you have a regular oven which does not feature the self-cleaning mechanism, then read on, as this requires a level of graft to get the job done.

So you know what type of oven you have, and you have had a skim of the instruction manual. Now you feel like you’re ready to give it a thorough clean. First things first, choose a good time of the day. You want it to be quiet, so no children tripping over you or dogs trying to poke their heads in the oven. The oven should not be needed for quite a while, so morning is probably the best time for this. Choose the right cleaning products for the job and Firstly, take the racks out, and make sure you have got them all out and soaking in soapy, warm water or put them in big plastic bag and soak them with strong oven cleaner. You now have just the empty oven to worry about. Make sure you have oven cleaner with you and always read the instructions before use. This is to avoid unnecessary hazards. Spray the affected areas within the oven and close the door so as not to let the fumes spread all around your kitchen and outer rooms. You should leave the cleaner to break down the grease and dirt in the oven for at least 15 minutes, before attempting to hand clean.

Once the time is right and using a damp cloth, wipe the inside of the oven. The cloth will quickly blacken and so have a bucket or bowl of soapy water nearby. Repeat this and keep cleaning until no residue is left behind. You may need to brush the ash out of the oven if there are lots left over. You can also clean your oven door as these can become very greasy too. Use a cloth again, along with a general purpose kitchen cleaner to do the job. Then scrub the oven racks and leave them to dry, before replacing them back in the oven.
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