Ever spilt some glue on a surface or worktop and agonised at how to remove it?

Glue spillages are an irritating problem when they happen and one that is not easily rectified because you obviously don’t want to damage the surface any further. This then, rules out scraping the affected region with a knife or scoured brush.
There are some steps to solving this situation however and should be fairly straightforward to do without spending much money at all. The worst thing to do is to cope with the dried glue and leave it there.

Outlined here is the method of removing glue. Simply purchase some dish detergent liquid and pour it all over the dried and stubborn glue mark. Obviously, the sooner you do this, the easier and quicker it will be to clear. However, this process should also work on longer term dried glue, but may take slightly longer to shift.

Once the area is covered in the dish detergent liquid, get hold of a regular plastic bag and rub the solution into the glue. After you have rubbed it in, leave the bag over the area and leave to work for a few minutes. Once you have lifted the bag, the glue spot should be loose. If not, then use a scraper/razor and some warm water to get underneath the glue and lift it. A wipe down with a damp cloth should be enough to get rid of any left-over residue from the original mark.

Cooking oil is another great solution to apply on a dried glue mark, and works much the same as the dish detergent liquid. This is also easily available around the home, so this could be an even easier method of removing glue. Cooking oil can also be used to remove the glued on labels on jars and other glass containers. Simply apply the oil to the label and/or glue underneath and scrub with a fine wire brush or pad. Use warm water with this and watch how the glue just eases off, leaving behind a smooth and shiny glass jar.

It can be tempting to instinctively go to a hardware shop and search the aisles for a commercial product for removing glue. This is a shame, because lots of us have all the equipment we need right at home and can do the job for free and with very little effort too. If you, however, don’t fancy cleaning glue spillages, please do not hesitate to contact Daisyclean for professional cleaning and maintenance services.