We live in an age of clutter, and living around this type of mess can be destabilising to our peace of mind. It is all too easy for your home to become cluttered if you begin holding onto a lot of unnecessary items. If this habit builds exponentially, then soon your property will start to become chaotic and unwelcoming. As well as the negative aesthetic that clutter creates, it also harbours more dust and bacteria, which can lead to poor hygiene and directly impact on your health.

1.Try not to keep hold of newspapers or magazines that you have already looked at or read. They may look nice stacked in a pile, but they attract dust and are an unnecessary addition. Instead, think about recycling them to begin the elimination of clutter from your home.

2.Other ways to help avoid clutter is to regularly sift through your clothes and recycle or send to charity shops those items that you haven’t worn for a year or more. You may think that one day you will fit into them or wear them for a special occasion, but the likelihood is they will carry on taking up valuable storage space.

3.It is a bad idea to keep hold of ornaments and bric-a-brac just for the sake of it. Don’t keep items that you were given as a present and can’t stand the sight of. It just doesn’t make sense. They won’t bring you any happiness and will only help in cluttering up your living environment for even longer. Why not have a thorough clean of your home and itemise all the ornaments that you may want to get rid of. You could even make money by selling them at a boot fair or garage sale.

The same can be said of a whole variety of items, such as books, videos, pictures, clothes, ornaments, furniture and garden tools. If you arrange and plan for one weekend to be your de-cluttering day, then use it to go through everything that may be superfluous and unwanted. It will take a keen eye and some tough decisions, but if you feel your home has become too cluttered and messy, even after cleaning, then it may be time for a change.

By using these tips, it will help you to organise and de-clutter your home, whilst keeping hold of the items and belongings you hold the most value to.

If you haven’t got the time to do some of these things yourself, then hire a cleaning company to take the load off your shoulders.