Managers often come in for a lot of abuse, but when you look at all the jobs a manager has to do – many of which are additional to the actual managing of people – it’s hardly surprising that they’re tested to the limit. And here’s a fact that no manager can disagree with: when you’ve had a hard day and a tough year, the last thing you want is to clean up after employees…

Delegating jobs is all part of it, of course, but asking employees to consider daily office cleaning often falls on deaf ears. Looking at it from the employees’ perspective, can you really blame them, though? In reality, employees beneath managers have just as much a problem with lack of time. Additionally, daily office cleaning probably isn’t in their job description. Asking them to do more than could be considered acceptable could do serious damage.

Which is why many managers and higher-level staff come to Daisyclean. With Christmas now merely days away, considering a quote for daily office cleaning could be a quality solution to a problem that’s not going away any time soon.

By investing in quality office cleaning services, you’re actually winning back time.

On the surface, asking your managers to look after daily office cleaning and window cleaning looks like a sound idea. It’s better to do something than nothing, after all. While we can’t argue with that approach, what we would say is this: managing cleaning isn’t simple or straightforward, and its demands change every day. Our cleaners not only use the latest technology to ensure that things are actually as clean as they look, but they understand what saving time will do for your business, and will come up with innovative solutions to meet your needs. We’ll fit around your schedule, too, so you don’t need to worry about a fixed-plan. Our idea from the beginning has been to customise our daily office cleaning solutions, so that every business can give back time to its managers. The perfect Christmas present!

Less down-time for the people in charge of your business’s direction.

If employees go sick, you can cope, even if it’s hard. If a manager goes sick, however…probably best not to ponder that thought.

With more time, your managers will cope better if another manager falls ill or decides to leave. Equally, the cleaner environment will impress visiting customers and boost general staff morale.