Anyone who has ever explored the idea of daily office cleaning will be aware that there are dozens of companies who would appear to be suitable. The question is, is appearing to be suitable enough? In this blog post, we’ll explore the positive attributes we’ve always tried to offer clients, and look at the things which help clients pair up with the right cleaning contractor for them.

Daily office cleaning prices

Price is something which can be difficult. If a contractor costs more than many other companies, they may be deemed overly expensive. If they’re cheaper than most companies, that doesn’t look fantastic either. What we would say is this: you might think you’re getting a great deal if you’re paying less than the market rate, but that’s not necessarily the case. For example, the lower price could signify a lack of training on the cleaners’ part, a hurried approach to the job which means less than satisfactory cleaning, or these two things and more. There is also something to be said for additional advice. Here at Daisyclean, we’ve always tried to be both a resource and a provider to our clients. That way, when they need help with health and safety as well as cleaning, we can step in. The result is saved money in the long-run, because other service providers don’t need to be called out.

Talk about daily office cleaning objectives

One way to ensure that you get a contractor who can handle the scope of your work is to write down a list of objectives and ask them if they can meet them. For instance, can they provide a cleaner at the times you need them? Are they able to handle sudden changes in your office’s working life? Do they do deep cleaning and understand the nuances of handling different types of laminate floor?

Good daily office cleaning demands research

One thing which many people don’t do before hiring a cleaning company is check the crucial details. Do they have full insurance? Have they been reviewed favourably online? A decent cleaning company should jump at the chance to put you in touch with happy past and present customers, so if this isn’t forthcoming, it’s time to have a serious re-think about how you’re going to get the daily office cleaning services that you really need.