Once, finding a doctor’s or dentist’s surgery was simple – this was back when office cleaning was less about employing a professional firm, and more about doing only what you had to. Back then, you just went down the road to your local clinic, signed up and became a patient. Easy.

As we approach 2014,  however,  those looking for a new doctor,  dentist or clinician have a virtually endless variety of choice open to them. And while it’s vital to have an internet presence for your surgery – along with all the services that the modern person expects – office cleaning and room cleaning is absolutely essential. Managers running busy surgeries have no excuse,  particularly because bugs and bacteria spread so fast in these closed environments.

It’s not just the patients who benefit

When one doctor or nurse gets a cold from a patient, and passes this onto office staff, the effect can be catastrophic. Here at Daisyclean we’ve found that preventative cleaning benefits everyone, and also puts forward an outstanding first impression to new people who may be considering using a surgery.  And when you think about it, you have an obligation to provide the best preventative cleaning services for your staff and clients. They come to you sick or feeling unwell, so they want to feel like they won’t pick anything extra up – and let’s face it: those welcome mats and other surfaces get a pounding during the week. Additionally, washroom hygiene in surgeries and clinics is nothing less than vital, because when patients use these places, they’re transferring their germs by default. Proper cleaning by professionals is the only true way to ensure that you’re looking after everyone’s health. Equally, employing professional office cleaning services is vital for encouraging new business.

Reputation matters because competition for new services is so great

In places like London especially, competition for services like botox, counselling and hypnotherapy is increasing all the time. Our cleaners understand the little cleaning nuances that make a difference to clients paying for private services, and make an extra effort to listen to the unique needs of every business. Not quite sure how you’d arrange cleaning during the week? Give us a ring and we’ll talk you through the various options that are possible. Merry Christmas to you, now!

photo by LeoSynapse