Daily office cleaning is one of those things that many companies promise they will do, but when it comes down to it, other things get in the way. We get that, but at the same time, we know what we’ve been told by those who have used our services. And one of those things may surprise you: daily office cleaning can have a genuine impact on the quality of individuals that your business attracts as employees.

Picture the scene: you’ve just arrived at a company’s HQ for your interview. On the job description, it promised a job working for a company who know exactly what they are doing. Yet when you walk into the boss’s office, the bin is over-flowing and the carpet is heavily stained from years’ worth of abuse. You don’t want to form a bad first impression so you ignore it, putting it down to the firm simply being very busy. That’s until you get a tour of the office, where it soon becomes clear that the mess stretches far and wide. Being someone that likes things nice and tidy, this isn’t quite what you were hoping for…

Daily office cleaning benefits everyone

Then consider the opposite. A firm which benefits from Daisyclean’s fresh and proper daily office cleaning service…a firm whose carpet is clean and whose bins are emptied on a regular basis. On top of all this, the office smells fantastic, giving you a great feeling about who you’ll be working for. Better still, you’re not troubled by the sound of vacuum cleaners on your very first week, because while you’re all having lunch, the cleaners are getting things sorted out efficiently, leaving you to come back to an office environment that is reliably clean, each and every week of every single month. Putting it like that, which employer are you most likely to choose?

A safe, clean and fresh environment attracts employees who are conscientious, particular and capable of keeping things nicely organised. With daily office cleaning, employees are likely to be in a better frame of mind more often, too. The fact that nobody has to argue about who is taking out the bins means that everyone can spend more time doing what they’re supposed to be doing!