What’s daily office cleaning got to do with improving stress? In this article, we’ll explain all.

According to statistics, the main work activities blamed for creating stress are work pressure, lack of managerial support and work-related bullying and violence. And anyone who has ever worked in an office will say the same thing: because people are very busy, things can get heated. Unsurprisingly, cleaning and maintaining the office is way down on the list of priorities – mainly because a lot of workers don’t see cleaning as their job (which, to be fair, it generally isn’t). They want to go home at the end of the day, not discuss with the boss why the cleaning isn’t getting done and the place is a mess.

Getting a cleaner – or several cleaners – in to help can be a challenge for some workplaces, but it’s ultimately a good solution that eases pressure on workers. Daily office cleaning might sound like a basic thing, but in fact it’s connected with the welfare of workers both psychologically and physically. In the first case, a clean and hygienic environment ensures peace-of-mind, and in the second, a lack of germs and bacteria means that contagious illnesses aren’t spread as easily (which is good, because bugs spread in closed environments at a rapid rate, particularly in winter). The result? Employees are happier in themselves, less stressed with arguing about who’s turn it is to clean the WC, and they aren’t off sick as much.

Daily office cleaning also means less clutter: rubbish doesn’t accumulate as much, the place smells better, and people want to spend time in the kitchen. Which is the way it should be, right? If you can keep the kitchen tidy and clean, your employees will benefit from the breaks they deserve, then be more ready and willing to give back to your organisation as you expect.

Another benefit of daily office cleaning is that it puts everyone in a good mood, first thing in the morning, setting the scene for the rest of the day. Instead of walking in and being met by a stale smell of odour from the day previous, employees smile, think positively and are more likely to offer the kind of customer service that is critical to maintaining your reputation.