Admin staff are the unsung heroes of the working world. While it’s a running joke that all office staff do is sit at their desks and drink coffee – and we admit that it has to be a big part of it to get through the day! – it’s also a fact that admin staff are the essential ingredient to every business’s success.

Sadly, office staff often end up doing a lot more than their job description. And we understand why businesses ask their admin staff to go the extra mile. Because they’re great all-rounders and capable of adapting to any task you can throw at them, office staff are the obvious solution when a little extra cleaning needs to be done.

Only there are problems with asking your admin workers to take care of the cleaning. The first is that it’s probably not in their job description – not great for their working self-esteem – and the second is that office cleaning can cause invisible problems when it’s done wrong. Sure, the conference room may look clean and tidy, but how do you know that Dave from accounting hasn’t spread germs and bacteria everywhere, setting-up a potential death-trap? Professional office cleaning is about so much more than simply making things look the part. It’s about ensuring that hygiene is protecting your staff as much as possible, and in turn, it’s about keeping your business from suffering the common problems that can put even more pressure on other workers.

Another great reason to consider office cleaning is more simple: you want your employees to have a full 1 hour lunch break, and you want your staff to use their skills to the max. New employees often need training to be brought up-to-speed, but many admin staff complain that they’re too bogged-down by other tasks to give up any more of their time. Employing a professional cleaning firm like us can help with all that. We’ll buy your staff time, make sure that nobody is having to undergo any steep cleaning learning curves and do all this in a way which doesn’t interfere with the thriving business that you are running.