Back when daily office cleaning involved just a decent hoover and a willing employee who could run it over the carpet, it was easy enough to get your floor clean. Nowadays, however, carpet is just one type of floor material, and in an effort to make offices look more swish and stylish than ever, a new contender has risen to the top… That’s right: that classy number, laminate flooring. Only thing is, with laminate flooring you need to know what you’re doing – which happens to be why people use Daisyclean.

The daily office cleaning basics

The first thing you need to know is that laminate flooring is comprised of four different layers: a moisture-resistant layer on the base, followed by the thick core layer then the image layer. On top of this is what’s known as the wear layer.

Wondering why this is essential knowledge? Because when cleaning laminate flooring, you need to be careful not to cause unexpected problems. For example, using a wet mop on laminate flooring is a big no-no, and leaving water hanging about is a terrible idea also! Wax or polish? Forget that fast. Alongside this, you definitely don’t want to use any soap-based cleaning products either. Anything abrasive should also be avoided.

How to clean laminate flooring

If you’re looking to maximise the life of your laminate flooring, you can either employ Daisyclean, or do it yourself using safe techniques. Sweeping is a great start, and if you need to, liquid-based cleaners can be used – providing you’re careful. The point with laminate is that it’s easy to over-clean, just as it is under-clean!

Here’s how we’d do it:

Sweep it first, then get the vacuum out, followed by a sponge mop (or dry mop). If you can use an electrostatic-free head then you can’t go too far wrong.If you need a bit of muscle, adding up to 4 oz. of ammonia to warm water is a good idea.

And if you’re asking yourself if you need a special cleaner from the manufacturer of the laminate, our answer would be this: most are the same, so don’t worry too much. It’s often more about the elbow grease that you put in – eventually, that’s what helps you get a nice clean floor. We’d avoid steam mops on laminate too, as these can have a negative effect.